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AVA Launches Revolutionary AI-Powered Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Platform to Enable Smarter, Data-Driven Investment Decisions

ByWillie M. Evans

Jan 31, 2022

First platform to provide accurate and instant property values ​​for millions of commercial real estate properties across the country

Property owners, developers and investors leverage AVA to understand property values ​​and plan capital improvement projects

LOS ANGELES, January 31, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AV launches to revolutionize the way commercial real estate owners, developers, investors and brokers do business. Using revolutionary artificial intelligence technology that determines the precise value of a commercial property in seconds, AVA is the first instant commercial real estate valuation software to make smarter, more informed real estate investment decisions. on data.

While Zillow, Redfin, and similar platforms have transformed the residential real estate industry, the estimated $16 trillion U.S. commercial real estate industry has been slow to embrace similar innovations. This lack of new technologies has hampered the overall growth of the industry by making it more difficult to identify potential opportunities and deploy capital. AVA solves this problem by allowing anyone to get an accurate and near instant valuation of commercial properties across the country.

AVA is designed to speed up and streamline the traditional commercial real estate appraisal process, including analysis of comparable sales, current market rents and other information to provide an accurate and informed property valuation. But unlike traditional appraisals, AVA provides extremely accurate and reliable appraisals without having to wait weeks or spend thousands of dollars. AVA also enables landlords to maximize the value of their properties by gaining insight into how specific capital improvements – such as remodeled bathrooms or new HVAC systems – might impact rent and leasing. total assessment of their building.

“In the world of commercial real estate, just about every action and decision requires a property valuation,” said Nick Segal, CEO of Aqueous Asset Inc. “AVA brings the commercial real estate market into the 21st century by completely transforming the traditionally cumbersome, long and expensive evaluation process. AVA’s powerful technology gives any professional a competitive edge by enabling faster and smarter decisions.”

AVA is an intuitive and easy to use platform. Users simply enter an address and receive a detailed rating report in less than 10 seconds. Users have access to a series of projected rent listings, can review supporting sales and leases, and can refine their assessment for greater accuracy. No special skills are required to interpret the assessments. AVA also has an interactive feature that allows owners to enter minute details of the property that only they know, ensuring that no relevant facts are omitted from AVA’s assessment of that property.

While some existing companies claim to use technology to facilitate the commercial real estate appraisal process, the reality is that they still rely on the expertise of a human appraiser to determine property values. AVA – which stands for Aqueous Valuation Algorithm – uses proprietary artificial intelligence to determine valuations with an accuracy rate of 98% of the actual sale price. To do this, AVA leverages the most comprehensive and up-to-date spectrum of commercial real estate datasets, then uses AI to fill in the data gaps by considering characteristics, history and the age of the property. Using machine learning, AVA also continuously refines its property valuations by learning from feedback provided by verified owners.

AVA’s current database includes more than 4.3 million multifamily properties across the country. Additional property types will be included in future updates.

About the AVA

AVA is the first AI-powered instant commercial real estate valuation software. AVA’s breakthrough technology enables building owners, developers, investors, brokers and advisors to determine the exact value of commercial properties in seconds. AVA provides reliable appraisal estimates that align with traditional appraisals without the high costs and delays. Developed by Aqueous Asset Inc., AVA is the first breakthrough technology to be launched as part of the Aqueous integrated technology suite for commercial real estate. To learn more, visit AskAVA.net.

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