• Fri. May 13th, 2022

Hensley / Elam receives FAA approval for its Lexington test facility.

Russ Hensley CEO CISSP

The Lexington Testing Center has approved the offer of FAA certification exams for the Kentucky area.

We continually receive positive feedback on the professionalism of our staff and our exceptional facilities, ”said Russ Hensley, CEO of the Hensley / Elam CISSP.

– Russ Hensley CEO of CISSP

LEXINGTON, KY, USA, Nov. 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Hensley / Elam today announced that it has received FAA clearance for Airmen Knowledge Tests as well as A&P and Inspector Knowledge Tests Authorization.

The Lexington Test Center already provides a secure online location for a variety of professional tests for federal agencies, including the TSA, CBP, and FBI. State licensing tests include exams for real estate brokers / agents, appraisers, and nurse practitioners. Business enterprise exams include cybersecurity exams including ISACA, Google, Amazon, and others.

“Receiving FAA approval is a rigorous process combined with our performance as a test center over the past 5 months administering several hundred exams in other industries per month. We continually receive positive feedback on the professionalism of our staff and our exceptional facilities. The nation is facing a shortage of pilots, so I firmly believe that the addition of this resource will support the creation of new professionals in the aviation industry. For example, my son Zach is also currently working on his helicopter rating, ”said Russ Hensley, CEO of Hensley / Elam, who is also an FAA multi-engine and single-engine commercial pilot.

The test center has 6 terminals dedicated to federal tests and 11 for other tests. Currently, testing takes place Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and occasionally on Saturday mornings, as resources allow for all test terminals. As demand increases, Fridays will be open to allow for more testing.

Hensley / Elam, now in its 23rd year of operation, provides information technology services including cybersecurity, managed IT services, managed security services, IT support for networks and servers, systems business phone calls as well as offsite backup and IT consulting for businesses in the Central and Southeastern Kentucky area.

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