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How Healthcare Professionals Can Earn More Passive Income Through Real Estate Investments

ByWillie M. Evans

Feb 1, 2022

Are you a doctor or healthcare professional who dreams of being able to work fewer hours or worry less about retirement? Victor Cuevas, founder of Crowd of gryphons and capitaladvises medical experts on how to use their savings to generate passive income while they’re busy putting in long hours saving lives.

Cuevas is a real estate expert and financial whiz who has worked in the industry for over 30 years and is the managing director and founder of his investment company. Its fame in the industry is a unique and admirable business model that caters to busy professionals who don’t have much time to think about their investments.

His system allows them to become richer by investing in the real estate market and letting his company handle the day-to-day business of investing. Griffin Crowd & Capital specializes in a unique business model, a strategy that allows investors with significant capital to enter into real estate purchases together, providing each with monthly or quarterly passive income dividends from an ownership model. crowdfunding.

Why health professionals?

Cuevas sees doctors and other healthcare professionals as the ideal clients and people to benefit from his ingenious investment model. He hopes to give something back to these healthcare professionals by putting his years of in-depth knowledge of the industry to good use.

The real estate entrepreneur also finds that many healthcare professionals have a substantial amount to invest, but potentially lack the knowledge of where and how to invest in real estate.

Producing the highest yield possible! Because they devote so much of their time to their areas of focus and specialization, they need the services of someone like Cuevas to take them by the hand and guide them to the perfect high-return investments that meet their their needs.

The industry’s unique investment needs

Cuevas believes physicians are uniquely positioned to benefit from the profit model he has created, one that offers high payouts with little time commitment. This is exactly what doctors need, because their time is limited. Doctors and other medical professionals often work very long hours – and their jobs are not ones that allow them to offload their responsibilities when clocking in.

He also acknowledges the fact that many people working in the medical field are not paid as well as before. He mentioned aspects such as hourly wages and the high cost of liability insurance as having a negative impact on their lifetime net income.

Unlike generations past, when doctors were among the highest paid, today’s healthcare professionals worry about not being able to pay for their own retirement or their children’s school fees. This is why they are better suited to invest in a fractional real estate ownership model than, say, hedge fund executives or tech workers who earn more than enough wealth in their primary fields.

Cuevas Top Rated Services

For healthcare professionals, Cuevas recommends an initial condominium investment of up to 75% of the property value, starting from your initial investment of $100,000. He always pre-qualifies investors to ensure those he works with are the right person. From there, it integrates them and offers basic knowledge of condominium business.

For their part, doctors and other healthcare professionals love Cuevas’ investment model because it allows them to pool funds and invest in higher quality real estate than they could buy on their own. It also allows them to worry less about bad investments since there is a team of seasoned professionals making the decisions.

And it’s all part of Griffin’s mission: to make investing easy and accessible to those who don’t know much about the industry. His investments also tend to yield around 18% to 25% return on average, which is well above what most new investors would be able to produce on their own. When this high profit percentage is added to a passive income model, it’s a no-brainer for many busy doctors and medical experts.

Real estate crowdfunding is usually equity or debt crowdfunding. With equity-based crowdfunding, an investor makes a capital investment and receives a stake in the project. The investor holds shares as a limited partner. If an investor opts for real estate debt, he invests in the debt necessary to finance the building improvement transaction.

There are pros and cons to both approaches: Typically, debt investors are paid off sooner than equity investors. However, this means that bond investors realize a lower return on investment than equity investors.

About Victor Cuevas

Victor Cuevas is an industry professional with over 30 years of mortgage financing experience, including extensive knowledge of residential and commercial properties. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with a slew of accomplished businesses and ventures. Among them, Victor built a mortgage empire, spanning 36 offices in several western and central states. He is currently the founder of Griffin Crowd & Capital, the next chapter in an already illustrious career. For more information, visit https://www.griffincrowdcapital.com/

Published on February 1, 2022