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How luxury real estate brokers are making a splash with a gift that gives back where it matters most


From a seller’s perspective, the real estate market is booming, with high demand and low inventory driving home prices to record highs. As this seller’s market is strong, it presents a challenge for real estate agents and brokers, who must find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Real estate is about relationships, and real estate brokers know that earning a client’s respect and trust often results in referrals and repeat business. In order to develop and develop relationships with new clients, it is crucial for a real estate agent to leave a positive impression on every client. The right closing giveaway can accomplish this goal, but finding that giveaway can be daunting.

The perfect closing gift is both memorable and personal, and COUP Champagne raises the bar on both points. COUP sources artisanal champagne in small quantities from family-run champagne houses in the Champagne region, and the company’s elegant, high-end packaging is customizable. “I think it’s really hard to give a gift and get the recipient to say ‘Wow.’ And that’s what we do, ”says Ryan Tu, CEO of COUP,“ Part of it is the time and attention we devote to finding great champagne and presenting it with a minimalist aesthetic. But the most significant part is that each bottle and gift box is personalized with a unique message and graphics for the occasion, which means recipients know this is not a last minute Amazon delivery, but a carefully thought out and personalized gift.

When someone receives a bottle of COUP champagne, they notice and appreciate that personal touch. “Knowing that someone is thinking about their gift is special in our world of mass consumption,” Tu says.

As a closing gift, COUP Champagne attracts attention, while offering real estate agents an exceptional branding opportunity. Nicole “Nici” Ten Hoeve, director of operations for the Ten Hoeve real estate group, recently began offering her clients COUP gift sets, including a bottle, flutes and a saber for breaking the bottle. She says, “What’s really great about this product is that not only can I give a customer something that captures that memory of that moment when they made one of the biggest investments of their life, but I can also sell me to go ahead with our brokerage logo on it.

COUP offers realtors the option of including a personalized architectural engraving on the bottle, and Nici Ten Hoeve finds the process very easy. She sends a render plan of the client’s new home to COUP via email, and within 24-48 hours the team sends her a mockup of what the bottle will look like. She says, “I order this product as soon as I know the shutdown is underway, and we get the item approved and at my doorstep within five to seven days … For a small business like this, being able to turning around a luxurious, elegant, upscale gift in less than a week is phenomenal.

The growing popularity of COUP in the real estate industry has inspired the company to launch a new philanthropic campaign. For the rest of 2021, the company is donating 5% of all sales of estate agent closing gifts to Habitat for Humanity in support of affordable housing. It is a cause which has special significance for You. “Affordable housing is a huge issue in the Bay Area where I grew up and in many parts of the country. The American dream of working hard to own your own home is extremely difficult in these areas, and I think more needs to be done than ever. You volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and said, “I believe in their model of helping those who help themselves. And to know that every champagne celebration with our closing gift supports a family that is still working hard for their dream, it feels good. “

With COUP Champagne, real estate brokers have found a way to stand out in the industry, and with this new initiative, they have yet another reason to offer COUP as a closing gift with a goal that their clients will also appreciate. They will give back to an organization that works to boost affordable housing and seeks to end the homelessness crisis – and it’s worth raising a glass.

Ready to make a difference at your next closing? Real Deal readers can get a free design for their closing giveaway by sending an email [email protected]coupchampagne.com and mentioning TRD.


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