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Kelly Pournoor offers a client-centric approach to real estate

ByWillie M. Evans

Oct 7, 2022

SEATTLE, WA/ACCESSWIRE/October 7, 2022/ Buying or selling a home, especially in today’s real estate market, is a big decision. This will impact various areas of your life, from financial to family to personal. Everyone swears they’re the “experts” on real estate these days, but the question is, can they really put clients’ needs first? Kelly Pournoor sets herself apart by offering a client-centric approach to real estate. It is essential to work with a broker who knows the ins and outs of the market, but who can also help you understand the process every step of the way. With Kelly Pournoor, clients never have to guess what’s coming next, she’ll keep them informed every step of the way so they can make the best possible choice for their home.

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Originally from Western Washington, Kelly Pournoor helps clients from all walks of life buy and sell homes in and around Seattle. At the call of his clients, Kelly travels as far north as Snohomish County and as far south as Burien. Raised on Mercer Island, she knows the Eastside intimately. She has specialized in this area since the beginning of her career in 2005. Intuitive and experienced, Kelly’s work emphasizes a client-centric approach. She educates and advocates for her clients throughout the process – her previous experience as a high school teacher allows her to quickly and concisely break down the complex real estate process. She ensures that her clients can make informed decisions while focusing on the individual needs of each property to achieve the greatest possible return on investment. “We are real estate advisers. For example, during the recession, it was not the right time to sell. So we gave all our clients the option of renting. We were among the only agents to do this because the agents were so desperate for money, they wanted everyone to sell. We came up with a second choice, which was to wait for the market to improve and rent while waiting. According to Kelly, “It reinforced the trust with our customers and we have long term customers because of it. Trust is probably the most important thing in a real estate agent/client relationship.” With a keen eye for detail that other agents often overlook, Kelly always works in the best interests of her clients, whether it’s preparing meticulously a home for sale or drafting the winning offer in a competitive multiple offer situation.

Fidelity Digital, Friday, October 7, 2022, Image from press release

Fidelity Digital, Friday, October 7, 2022, Image from press release

Buying a home is no small feat. It requires planning, perseverance, strategy, and of course, a knowledgeable broker in the client’s corner. Kelly helps clients narrow down their home search, keeping them on track and highlighting the most promising neighborhoods and properties for them. For sellers, each sale is unique, just like each property. It’s something Kelly understands intuitively as she works with salespeople at every stage of life. A customer service advocate first, Kelly will learn about the unique circumstances of a customer’s sale and help them register with confidence. In particular, Kelly educates her clients on the local market and home selling process and has worked with overseas and out-of-state sellers to help them manage the transaction remotely. “We specialize in letting you know what will make you the most money on the market. A lot of people think they need to do certain things to get their house ready, and we can tell you what you need to do and what you don’t. I need to waste money.”

What makes Kelly Pournoor different from other real estate agencies? They are committed to providing excellent customer service and taking as much stress out of the process as possible. “In terms of customer service, we sit down with customers and find out what their values ​​are, what they are looking for and how they want to communicate.” To learn more about Kelly Pournoor visit her website https://kellypournoor.com/


By working with Kelly, you come first. She is always customer-centric; she informs her clients about the local real estate market while guiding them to their ideal home. With decades of experience, his acumen of home valuation and skillful negotiation will keep your options open and promising.


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