• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Leon County Schools Buy 28 Acres Near Chiles High School – Tallahassee Reports


During the December 14 meeting, the Leon County School Board (LCSB) approved the purchase of a property from Pine Cone Woods, LLC for $ 950,000. The property is located at Thomasville Road next to Chiles High School.

The 28.75-acre property gives LCSB the flexibility to build future projects that may meet the needs of the district in this region of the county.

Florida laws require the school board to obtain three written assessments, which were completed by Cureton Johnson & Associates, LLC, Brown Bevis Real Estate Appraisers, Inc. and Bell, Griffith & Associates, Inc. The laws also state that the purchase price cannot exceed the average appraised value of the property.

The market value price was reported at $ 1,240,000 by Cureton Johnson & Associates, LLC. Bell, Griffith & Associates, Inc.’s second valuation indicated the market price to be $ 869,000. Finally, Brown Bevis Real Estate Appraisers, Inc., reported their estimated value at $ 950,000.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna said the purchase could be of value to the district in the future. For example, the property could be used to expand the high school in Chiles or for a transportation facility on this side of the county, as there is none at the moment.