• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Lev introduces a new commercial real estate financing platform

ByWillie M. Evans

Feb 8, 2022

Lev launched Lev Lending, an end-to-end commercial real estate (CRE) digital lending platform, to transform the industry’s complex lending process into a simpler digital experience.

Lev Lending is the new direct lending arm of Lev, the CRE financing platform that issued nearly $1 billion in loans through its marketplace in 2021. Lev brings speed and transparency to CRE financing by streamlining the process of demand with transaction management and automation tools for borrowers and brokers, as well as powerful financing and closing technologies. Borrowers are automatically matched with the right lender via an intuitive interface.

Lev Lending uses Lev’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology and deep industry expertise to rewire the entire CRE financing process from quote to close. The platform will initially specialize in non-recourse permanent loans on single tenant net leasehold (NNN) properties. During its soft launch period, Lev Lending closed multiple million dollar loans on commercial properties such as Dollar General and KFC in as little as 30 days – up to three times faster than lenders traditional.

“Over the past decade, most industries have been simplified by technology. Finally, these changes are coming to CRE lending,” says Yaakov Zar, Founder and CEO of Lev. “We are building a platform that not only makes it easier for current investors to obtain financing, but also simplifies the lender experience. It’s a win-win for everyone in the industry.

Lev’s technology infrastructure enables the company to scale its business nationwide and support all types of assets. By automating manual tasks, it has changed the way originators, executors and brokers provide support to their clients. Thanks to this differentiated experience, the company has grown tenfold in 2021 – its second year of operation.

“Our goal is to become the link for all CRE transactions. Today’s commercial borrowers demand fast digital experiences that mirror consumer processes. They want a Rocket mortgage for their commercial properties. Whether you are a borrower using our marketplace for the best deal, or a natural candidate for NNN through Lev Lending, we are here with a fast and beautifully designed lending experience,” adds Zar.