• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

New batch of Qatari real estate brokers get license

A new batch of licensed Qatari real estate brokers have been sworn in before the Justice Department’s Real Estate Broker Affairs Committee.

The batch consisted of 30 brokers, bringing to 233 the number of approved brokers since the entry into force of the new law.

The approval of this lot is part of the procedures for implementing the provisions of the law, and pushes the real estate brokerage activity towards an organized legal environment ready to support the economic and urban renaissance that the country is experiencing. and the great expansion in the real estate sector, including the reconfiguration and organization of the real estate system to achieve the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.

In a statement released today, the Assistant Undersecretary for Land Registration and Documentation Affairs at the Ministry of Justice, Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, stressed the importance of this course because of the number it included. on the one hand, and the diversity of approved brokers on the other. main, where the lot has seen the licensing of a number of women as real estate brokers within individuals and companies licensed for real estate brokerage.

The ministry is preparing to step up specialized courses for real estate brokers in order to inform Qatari real estate brokers about the latest successful experiences and practices, which will benefit the national economy and the overall development process, of which the real estate sector is the one of its main pillars. , he added.

This approach is part of the efforts of the Ministry of Justice to reorganize the real estate brokerage profession, and to work in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 22 of 2017 to regulate real estate brokerage work in the service of the national economy, develop working mechanisms in the real estate market, and qualify brokers, including Qatari office owners and brokers.

The license for this lot came after completing the regulatory procedures specified in accordance with the provisions of the law, which include interviewing candidates for the profession, inspecting their offices, verifying their compliance with the requirements of the exercise. of the profession and participation in specialized training. courses at the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies.

The authorization of the new lot is part of maximizing the interest in favor of Qatari real estate brokers as partners in real estate investment, and in a way that establishes advanced real estate brokerage offices at the level regional.

The Real Estate Broker Affairs Commission at the Ministry is responsible for receiving and sorting requests and organizes the required training in coordination with the Training Department of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, in order to ensure that the candidate for the The exercise of the profession of real estate agent brokerage meets all the professional and legal requirements to exercise its role in this sector. (AQN)