• Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

New batch of Qatari real estate brokers take oath

ByWillie M. Evans

Aug 30, 2022

A new batch of licensed Qatari real estate brokers was sworn in before the Justice Ministry’s Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

The batch included 21 mediators, either as individuals or members of real estate brokerage firms, bringing the number of brokers licensed since the activation of the new law to over 486 Qatari brokers licensed and registered with the department. real estate brokerage.
The authorization of this new lot is in the context of the activation by the Ministry of Justice of Law No. 22 of 2017 on the regulation of real estate brokerage, within the framework of the procedures for the execution of the provisions of the law and to push the work of real estate brokerage towards an established and organized legal environment.
This is part of the rapid pace of economic and urban development that Qatar is experiencing, especially with the great expansion of the real estate sector.
Without forgetting to provide the necessary reconfiguration and organization of the real estate system to achieve the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030.
Deputy Undersecretary for Real Estate Registration and Documentation Affairs and Chairman of the Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee, Saeed Abdullah al-Suwaidi, underscored the importance the ministry places on the legal professions, and real estate brokerage in particular, because of its direct contribution to national development of which the real estate sector is an essential component.
Al-Suwaidi stressed the need to deal with licensed brokers due to its crucial role in protecting the rights of different parties.
Therefore, al-Suwaidi warned against dealing with unlicensed brokers after the expiry of the reconciliation period and thus the activation of the real estate mediation law.
He also stressed the need to use real estate brokers’ contract forms for purchase and sale transactions to ensure the rights of merchants and brokers alike.
The authorization of this batch concludes the legal process and the organizational procedures provided for by the provisions of the law, which include the interview with the candidates of the profession, the inspection of their offices and the verification of their compliance with the requirements. practice of the profession, as well as participation in specialized training. courses at the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies (CLJS).
In fact, the Real Estate Brokers Affairs Committee receives and sorts applications, in addition to organizing the required training in coordination with the CLJS Training Department to ensure that candidates meet all the professional and legal requirements for optimally play their role as real estate brokers in this sector.
In addition, since the activation of the law, the committee, in its efforts to train and qualify real estate brokers, has begun to implement an integrated plan that includes training and qualification, the activation of the executive procedures of the law, including the organization of visits to offices working in the sector, and the appointment of candidates for the exercise of the profession for training subject to authorization checks.
The candidate for the profession must be of Qatari nationality, have optimum mental capacity and enjoy a good reputation. In addition, they must not have been the subject of a decision or verdict of cancellation of license.
Finally, the candidate must also have a suitable office in Qatar dedicated to the practice of real estate brokerage.
When it comes to legal personality, a company must be constituted in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating commercial companies, having as their object the exercise of real estate brokerage.
In addition, the contribution of the Qatari partner(s) must not be less than 51% of its capital, as well as having its main office in Qatar, without bankruptcy previously declared by a final judgment.
Experienced Qataris working in the real estate sector can register to complete the licensing and approval procedures to practice the real estate brokerage profession, using the following link to the real estate brokers webpage on the website of the Ministry of Justice www.moj. gov.qa.
The official real estate broker registration page allows brokers to register under different categories, and also includes a presentation of all required information, ensuring that brokers provide all necessary data. (QNA)