• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

REAT the real estate and asset blockchain for the real world

REAT stands for Real Estate & Asset Transactions which provides a platform to buy, sell, lease, license, finance or finance real estate, cars, yachts, art, intellectual property, machinery equipment, businesses/startups, infrastructure or any other asset.

REAT offers the global opportunity for people around the world to participate in any market and any transaction involving assets such as real estate, art, vehicles, businesses, infrastructure, capital goods, etc It motivates all participants: buyers, sellers, developers, financial institutions, investors, appraisers, inspectors, lawyers to build their reputation by acting ethically and doing their best.

REAT already has over $1 billion in listed assets and investor deal flow.

REAT is also a cryptocurrency backed by real-world assets

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, REAT – Real Estate Asset transactions are backed by tangible assets, earn traditional interest, and benefit from staking fees and the growth of blockchain adoption and usage.

Provides easy access to crypto markets for traditional investors

the REAT Blockchain offers traditional investors an easy and secure way to invest in and benefit from blockchain technology with the real-asset-backed REAT coin. This will allow people to switch from FIAT currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa seamlessly. Bringing unparalleled liquidity to traditional real estate and financial markets.


The user-designated governance group and the REAT blockchain ledger have legally recorded the assets and funding. The investment will be strongly secured by the assets and registered in the local jurisdiction by licensed professionals.

Universal participation

With the REAT blockchain, you can tokenize a real estate transaction and allow micro-participation, such as crowdfunding. This would allow owners to raise capital without having to sell or re-mortgage the entire property and would allow many more people to make small investments. It will democratize the whole industry.

Blockchain technology for the real world

REAT allows you to conduct transactions in the real world. REAT offers a hybrid solution using blockchain and professional lawyers to complete the last mile in traditional fiat, cryptos or both and record transactions on traditional ledgers.

North America, for example, has only 5% of the world’s population, but accounts for almost half of the world’s land value. REAT opens new markets by bringing global investments from large institutions and individuals from Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and other regions to local transactions. REAT provides approximately $370 trillion in previously unbankable assets with access to modern financial markets and instruments and new market opportunities.

Near-instantaneous liquidity for assets:

REAT brings efficiency and instant liquidity to traditionally illiquid asset and loan markets

Decentralized finance and automation leading to a significant reduction in transaction time and costs

Title and register: Deeds and titles can be recorded as NFTs and transferred to the blockchain.

Borrowers can access the global lending market via blockchain, and smart contracts bring instant liquidity to asset holders and lenders in a global marketplace.

NFT and physical NFT

REAT enables its investors to add value to unique physical assets by creating non-fungible certificates for real-world assets and digital NFTs. REAT also allows the creation of purely digital NFTs.

Self-Governance – Automatic Correction

All REAT blockchain participants will be incentivized to act ethically and to the best of their abilities to grow and benefit from their superior positive reputation on the REAT blockchain or risk losing their stake and being denied access to the blockchain .

All syndicated offers are simplified

REAT uses its smart contract and distributed ledger technology to connect asset and financial institutions. Large assets can be divided and distributed to multiple owners, private lenders and financial institutions through the REAT smart contract.

Global P2P Trade Finance

REAT streamlines buying, investing, financing and real estate transactions by providing a safe and fast way to capitalize property or assets through traditional fiat or new cryptocurrency methods backed by tangible global assets.

Fair trade offers only

The open source smart contract ensures fair, clear and transparent agreements between all parties.

empower the people

All participants rely on REAT to be part of the ecosystem. Participants of buyers, sellers, developers, financial institutions, investors, appraisers, inspectors, lawyers and specialists involved in transactions can effectively transact and fulfill their roles through smart contracts.

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