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Revaluations create “uproar” from King George | Local news

ByWillie M. Evans

Dec 5, 2021

But that’s not what the reassessment letters suggested, Cupka said.

The form shows the total tax, tax rate, and percentage change in taxes for 2020 and 2021, which Cupka says is good because those rates have already been determined.

But the boxes showing the amounts for 2022 look the same as if it were a “deal made, signed, sealed and delivered and my new tax bill will be that much money next year,” he said. declared Cupka.

She said that is not the case at all, as supervisors have yet to set the tax rate.

“I frankly think that has led to the outcry that we’ve seen with upset people, with misunderstandings,” Cupka told Hart, adding that she would like the board to approve any future mailings that deal with reassessments.

Bardone, the resident whose property value rose 64%, said the problems reflected various “shortcomings” in the company the county hired. She suggested that King George follow the lead of the King William County Supervisory Board, which voted unanimously in February to reject the reassessments made by BrightMinds and start the process again.

According to King William’s meeting minutes, supervisors described “the mess” created by incomplete or incorrect reviews, including a problem with the assessor, someone described as “arrogant” and unapproachable. That employee had since resigned, but King William supervisors said the company was unwilling to resolve the issues, so the board voted to start all over.