• Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Rockport VAL API Generates New Efficiencies for Commercial Real Estate Valuation Professionals

We chose to integrate Rockport VAL because our subscribers also need easy to use discounted cash flow modeling.

Rockport VAL â„¢, CRE’s award-winning cash flow modeling and evaluation platform, announces enhanced API integration technology into its underwriting SaaS platform. VAL’s API redefines the modeling, valuation and reporting of real estate cash flow valuation by making the integration process frictionless.

“The market has long struggled with clunky interfaces,” said Rick Trepp, founder and CEO of VAL. “The VAL API delivers what the industry has been asking for for a decade: an enterprise-class real estate cash flow modeling and assessment tool that works well with third-party systems and integrates in real time. . “

Many of the world’s leading commercial real estate institutions including brokerage firms, lenders, appraisers, owner / investors, and due diligence providers are integrating VAL into their workflow and leveraging the API of VAL to automate – and seamlessly push and extract data to meet their growing needs.

Recently, Realquantum, one of the leading commercial property valuation software platforms, integrated with VAL to give fee appraisers, appraisers and other commercial property valuation professionals the opportunity seamlessly integrate discounted cash flows and valuation results directly into their valuation reports. The connection of the two platforms is another example of VAL’s mission to serve as a medium of exchange through the large number of solutions that serve the commercial real estate sector.

“We chose to integrate Rockport VAL because our subscribers also need easy-to-use discounted cash flow modeling. Rockport VAL delivers a powerful DCF and great user experience, ”said Jeff Weiner, CEO of Realquantum. “Our customers can now import a Rockport VAL DCF model into their evaluations with just a few clicks. “

About Rockport VAL, LLC

Rockport VAL, LLC (“Rockport VAL”) is a client and industry focused commercial real estate technology company that equips the rapidly evolving world of underwriting, cash flow modeling and valuation of commercial properties. with a modern and reliable cloud-based platform. Drawing on a team with decades of commercial real estate and technology expertise, VAL was created in response to the industry’s need for a technologically advanced SaaS platform for discounted cash flow valuation. , optimized collaboration and ease of use while ensuring maximum precision and security.

To learn more about the VAL API or to sign up for a free trial, visit http://www.rockportval.com, email [email protected] or call (212) 603-5866

About Realquantum

Realquantum â„¢ helps commercial property valuation professionals eliminate tedious manual work and increase revenue by 50% while maintaining the best quality real estate data they’ve ever had. It is easy to learn and use. Customers say they are comfortable after only 3 missions. RQ is robust, scalable and secure to serve the industry’s most demanding businesses.

For more information, send an email to: [email protected] or call + 1-913-717-5770

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