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ShipShape Organize – Its name says it all | Houses

Whether you’re a baby boomer or senior, a moving millennial, a busy professional, or a homeowner planning an arduous renovation, the ShipShape Organize team can help ease your transition. Celebrating 10 years in business and having handled hundreds of moves and organized jobs on the North Shore and Greater Boston, residential organizers and moving managers Deb Bernier and Deb Stone have clearly cemented their first place in the business. .

“Moving is one of the most stressful events and many are overwhelmed with the daunting task of sorting through years of possessions to get their home ready for the market. We help ease some of that tension by developing a personalized plan because we know that no two moves are the same,” says Bernier. “Most people feel uncomfortable asking family members for help while others are looking for help. experience to do it and that’s where we come in. We can be that daughter, that sister, that friend.”

ShipShape Organize provides a long list of services, from helping you declutter, preparing your home for viewings, managing movers, and working with antique appraisers, donation companies, and haulers. scrap – all the logistics. Once the initial move has been coordinated, ShipShape will be waiting at the other end to help you with everything from unpacking, organizing, making beds, setting up your kitchen, and everything in between. . The company also offers tips for organizing closets, home offices, kitchens, garages, second homes, and more.

“For us, it’s all about customer service and being experienced and thoughtful partners to get the job done right and efficiently with our customers’ needs in mind at all times. Change can be exciting and challenging, so we gently guide our clients through the process,” says Stone.

While their services are by no means exclusive to seniors, ShipShape Organize is the exclusive company responsible for handling all out-of-state moves to one of the largest retirement communities on the North Shore. Additionally, the company is a member of the National Association of Senior and Skilled Moving Managers as well as the National Association of Productivity and Organizational Professionals. Named “Best Home Organizers in Boston” by “Expertise,” ShipShape Organize was also featured in a kitchen organization segment on NBC’s “The Hub.”

“As a real estate agent, I’ve found that all sellers want to guarantee the best outcome when selling their home,” says Deb Evans, real estate agent for J Barrett & Company. “My clients are generally more concerned with minimizing the time it will take to sell a property and maximizing the value of their home in the eyes of the buyer. The Debs at Ship Shape Organize do an amazing job helping sellers concentrate and prioritize tasks to prepare their domestic market”.

For help preparing your home for the market, organizing your existing space, or managing your next move, call 978-314-6410 or 978-771-0527 for a free phone consultation, or visit their website: www.ShipShapeOrganize.com


 Residential organizers and moving managers

 Deb Bernier, 978-771-0527

 Pierre Deb, 978-314-6410


Testimonial (detailed estimate)

“I have used Deb and Deb from ShipShape for two big moves: first from a family home in Wenham to a condominium in Gloucester and most recently from Gloucester to a townhouse in Richmond, VA. Debs and her team have been essential to the successful organization of each move, which has made it less of a pain for me. Additionally, they are a pleasure to work with and extremely helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of relocating or just needing someone to organize their life. Simply said, they are the BEST!”

Gardner McCormick

Richmond, Virginia