• Fri. May 13th, 2022

Thanksgiving in Boca Raton | Acknowledgments from Champagne & Parisi Real Estate

We would be lying if we weren’t a little excited for the end of this workday and the moments ahead with our friends and family. Thanksgiving is the ultimate opportunity to take a much-needed break while the holidays intensify, and the antecedent to when the holidays really to start. We think it’s a sin to watch our local craft store go straight from pumpkins to peppermint. In honor of Thanksgiving and the many special people we need to thank, the Champagne & Parisi team have put together our official (much too short) gratuity list. We wish we had the words to thank everyone, but we’ll start with these amazing contributors to our awesome 2021. THANK YOU!

team of champagne & parisi real estate agents

Our Champagne & Parisi Agents

We wouldn’t be a real estate brokerage without our team of 100 agents, who are all part of our family. In our years of service to our community, we have seen our fair share of Realtors come and go. We couldn’t be more thrilled with this team of hardworking, intelligent and perhaps more importantly, compassionate real estate agents that we have assembled over the years. Our team looks out for each other as much as they do for our customers, and the success we’ve built is seen both on paper and in the many faces we’ve helped make the dream come true in our beautiful Boca Raton. . Thanks to Champagne & Parisi agents!

real estate agents in the boca region

Boca Raton real estate agents in general

Although not all Boca Raton real estate agents are members of the Champagne & Parisi team, we all know how important broker cooperation can be! As we grow and continue to develop beyond our specialties of luxury condos and waterfront properties, we depend on the goodwill and teamwork of area realtors who focus often on the ads we are looking for our growing customer base. Without the kindness, due diligence and consistent communication we have enjoyed from realtors outside of Champagne & Parisi, we would never have grown as much as we have, especially in 2021. Thank you Boca Raton Realtors!

local suppliers and privileged partners

Our preferred partners and local affiliates

Buying a home is not a one-stop-shop type of project. It sometimes takes dozens of hands of many disciplines to ensure that your process of buying a home in Boca is as smooth as possible. Beyond our team of real estate agents and real estate agents beyond our brokerage, the buying and selling of homes requires the contribution of inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, appraisers, plumbers, electricians, contractors, home cleaners, etc. We are fortunate to have an incredible complement of local suppliers and privileged partners on whom we can rely to play their role. Without the trust we place in them, we would be cut off from the essential stages of the home buying and selling process and our customers would suffer. Thanks to local support and preferred suppliers!

local hospitality and waiters

The wonderful hospitality staff in Palm Beach County

Let’s face it – the temptation to live the high life in Boca Raton doesn’t end at your private beach. Often what makes Boca Raton a luxury destination are the retail stores, fine dining and everyday dining that surround our offices. The restaurant and reception staff who adorn our tables as we sample some of the best cuisine in the world cannot be thanked enough. Their hard work is matched only by their in-depth knowledge and friendly, attentive customer service. They are a daily example to our real estate agents that good customer service and a little pep in your approach can get you far in any industry.

municipal workers and first responders

City staff, blue collar workers and first responders

In light of the 18 months we have just lived, we cannot end our list of gratitude without taking a moment to thank first responders, blue collar workers, municipal maintenance and delivery drivers across the country, especially in Boca Raton. . Our beautiful city would be rudderless without our clean streets, safe sidewalks and superior infrastructure. Whether it’s crossing a drawbridge, taking our puppy for a morning walk outside our Mizner Park condo, or dealing with a real emergency, the people who get things done and keep things safe are the reason we can do our job and stay focused on what matters most. And it’s…

our customers and new neighbors

Our customers and new neighbors

Our customers and new neighbors! They are one: customers on paper, neighbors in person. We understand that buying a home is a laborious, lengthy and often stressful process. The trust that every customer places in our agents to ensure that their experience is not only secure, but enjoyable, never escapes us. There are thousands of real estate agents in the area, and we know your choices are seemingly endless. With your trust and goodwill, our achievements have developed, our growth worsened and we have been able to serve more and more people in need of a new home in Boca. Thank you neighbors! It is an honor to be your real estate agent.

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