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The Value of Continuing Education in Commercial Real Estate

ByWillie M. Evans

Sep 6, 2022

By Kasi Orcutt

Continuing education (CE) courses in real estate are necessary, but they don’t have to be boring or burdensome. CE courses have a ‘smile and bear’ stigma – you need the credits to complete State CE requirements and stay licensed, so there was no burden of making the classes interesting.

But in an age of digital innovation and webinar fatigue, the same approach is outdated.

Connect Classroom CE courses are created with a poetic, user-centric approach to continuing real estate education. The courses are designed to be as enjoyable as they are educational, enhancing and expanding your knowledge base with information you’ll want to start applying from day one.

You are a hard-working professional and time is one of your most valuable assets. And your time is better spent leveraging what matters now, not legacy information that won’t improve your work.

Connect Classroom inspires engagement in learning by delivering up-to-the-minute stories and videos about what matters in today’s market and how the industry is changing. We focus on current trends and forecasts, relevant and ongoing (non-emergency) information, and insight into how (and why) all of this information applies to you right now.

In other words, we’ve cut the fluff, making the CE process simple and streamlined from start to finish – easy to get on, get done, and get back to work.

In curating these courses, our User Experience (UX) experts share three key pillars to take CE from something to dread to an effective learning opportunity to look forward to. This requires a delicate balance between intuitive design, streamlined delivery and active learner engagement.

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Pillar 1: Learner-Centered Design

Instead of just delivering lesson instructions, we’ve designed a learning experience. Because your time on CE could be used to juggle all 100 items on your to-do list, our platform ensures that the majority of your CE time is focused on improving and extending learning.

Connect Classroom simplifies your learning journey. Access courses when and where you’re ready to learn, on any device with an internet connection.

We can offer you a frictionless conversion from consumer to learner. We don’t require you to set up and remember a new username, site password, course password, etc. Our process results in a significant reduction in click fatigue. When you purchase a course, it automatically converts you to a user and sends you an email notification with your online course credentials. We use your email as the username, so you don’t need to remember a separate username. It also makes it easier to recover the password, if you need it.

We streamline every process to remove barriers between shopping cart and credits. Whether you plan to spread out your CE over several months or are expecting to tackle a credit marathon in one day, you can easily get the latest insights, when and how you need it.

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Pillar 2: Technical Mixing of Mixed Media

Connect Classroom is not a single course format; we present courses using a blended learning model. Visually, course content is not just text on a screen. We go beyond word-heavy slide decks and deliver content through engaging video learning, graphics and webinars. The result is stimulating information applicable to the content – “a cornucopia for the senses” – fueling the continuous learning stream for real estate professionals.

Each course varies because it is designed content instead of being designed in a pedagogical way. This approach infuses proven, forward-thinking information into dynamic, actionable courses.

To create your courses, we conduct a lot of user experience research:

  • Obtain a large amount of user experience data to understand what learners want and what reasonably works.
  • Determine which media formats are best for conveying each type of information presented in the course.
  • Integrate knowledge from ongoing studies and thought leadership available from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on where the industry is heading.

We regularly update the courses to stay relevant with the direction the market is taking and upcoming changes in law – and how it will all affect real estate professionals like you. We also include strategies you can implement to respond to and adapt to these changes as they occur.

The information is intended to be retained and applied, not viewed and deleted. Valuable and timely content is transferable to the real world immediately after the course module is closed.

Pillar 3: Engagement and active learning

Too many CE platforms rely too much on passive education tactics. Passive learning focuses on an end-of-course quiz to test understanding. Students usually skip all the material and google the answers to pass the quiz. Then as soon as they close the course module, they forget the information presented.

Along with active learning, periodic quizzes throughout the material build engagement and reinforce knowledge retention. Connect Classroom has a few surprises in store with interesting knowledge checks such as a quick prompt or a thoughtful statement that encourages introspection.

With introspection comes association. Our engaging format creates short- and long-term memory ties and encourages retention of information. Continuing education isn’t just about disseminating information, it’s about helping active learners organize relevant information and link it to their daily lives and careers.

Fulfilling your continuing education requirements shouldn’t be awful, it should be fun! Classes tailored to your wants and needs can take you from “I have to watch this” to “I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned!”

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