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Zach Martin uses a helicopter to explore OKC commercial real estate

ByWillie M. Evans

Aug 17, 2022

EL RENO – The police have helicopters, the hospitals have medevac helicopters, the army, of course, has helicopters, and the helicopters are used in news and weather reports, tourism, firefighting and for lifting and carrying heavy loads – but why would a realtor need one?

Ask Zach Martin, 41, owner of Commercial real estate enthusiast in Oklahoma City and owner of a Robinson R44 Raven II, a lightweight four-door, four-seat chopper by Robinson Helicopter Co.

After explaining how he uses it in his specialty — the sale and rental of warehouses and other industrial properties — he will confess: “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to fly a helicopter, and I kind of used my job as an excuse to maybe get one.”

He was quick to fly his helicopter, which he keeps in a hangar in El Reno Regional Airportwith service and maintenance by Jess Shannon of Hangar 58 Helicopter Services.

“In January, without any experience in aviation, I set out to fulfill my dream of learning to fly a helicopter. In March, after many lessons, I bought a helicopter in Los Angeles and took it back to OKC,” Martin said. “Next month, I plan to fly to Florida (and back), completing my aspiration to cross America by helicopter.”

Helicopters are not common in commercial real estate agencies

In real estate, the search for a home by helicopter is nothing new, especially for agents and buyers of high-end homes in luxury neighborhoods. And helicopters are sometimes used as cranes in the construction and maintenance and improvement of buildings, for example, to lift and place heating and air conditioning units on the roof.

Martin said he didn’t know of anyone else using a chopper in commercial real estate brokerage. But he said it worked for him with proprietary, for speed and ease of access to remote locations.

Zach Martin, owner of Adept Commercial Real Estate, pilots the company's helicopter at El Reno Regional Airport.

“I fly to downtown OKC all the time. I can depart from a parking lot near my house downtown OKC office and land at my final destination,” Martin said. “Better yet, instead of zigzagging with the roads, you’re traveling at 140 mph as the crow flies,” he said. “Industrial buildings almost always include large yard areas, which means you can almost always land on site, making a short trip almost anywhere.

“Plus, being airborne allows you to quickly understand a place and the surrounding areas,” Martin said. “Google Maps is useful, but there’s something about hovering over an area that you don’t get with the computer screen.”

Although it was a lifelong passion to learn to fly a helicopter and own one, Martin said he bought the helicopter as a flying workhorse. He said he added the Adept company logo as an afterthought, making it something of a marketing parade horse.

Zach Martin, co-owner of Adept Commercial Real Estate, bought the company his own helicopter, stored at the El Reno Regional Airport.

OKC Commercial Real Estate Broker Turns Heads With Company Helicopter

“It kind of became a fun thing,” Martin said. He grabbed the monthly Cafe and OKC cars event in May. “I did the Parade of Edmond 4th of Julyand I’ve done a few fun things since.”

He said the Adept helicopter makes your head spin – up, but not too high.

“Unlike planes that fly thousands of feet in the air, helicopters typically travel about 800 feet above the ground – that’s about the height of Devon Tower – or lower,” he said. -he declares. “Flying this low I will often see people waving, I will tilt my window towards them so they can see me back.

“Arriving at an industrial building to meet someone can be an inadvertent sight, as I first have to do a low altitude reconnaissance doing three or four orbits around the intended landing area to be sure the location is free of hazards. Most people find it to be exciting and want to go for a walk.”

Barney, Zach Martin's dog, looks ready to fly in Martin's helicopter, which he uses in his work with Adept Commercial Real Estate in Oklahoma City.

Martin said he was happy to oblige the curious.

“Since it seats four people, I never pass up the opportunity to take people, especially if it’s their first time in a helicopter,” he said, and personal trips give him a special joy. “The other day my sister called and told me they were about to throw a last minute birthday party for my toddler nephew. I absolutely loved bringing my mom to Dallas and landing in my sister’s backyard, just in time for I’m also thrilled to see how much my dog ​​Barney loves to fly.

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